Honoring Cheatham County Veterans


Come on out to honor Veterans who serve to protect our country and freedoms!

Veterans Day Parade tomorrow, Sunday, November 6, 2016 @ 2:00 p.m. in Ashland City, Tennessee.  

Floats will line up at River Bluff Park and will proceed down Highway 49 to Highway 12, Ashland City, travel down Main Street to TN Waltz Bypass and the parade will end where it began at River Bluff Park.  

Roadways will be closed during the parade.  Plan accordingly if you have any travel plans or intentions of being in Ashland City during this time.

Following the parade awards will be distributed to float winners at Riverbluff Park.  

Cheatham News honors and appreciates the service(s) of all courageous men and women who have served and those currently serving in The United States of America Armed Forces.  The dedication and commitment does not go unnoticed and we thank you.   

We also appreciate the many military families, near and far, who have stood hand in hand, or are standing hand in hand today, supporting loved ones serving this great nation. 

To the families of soldiers who’ve lost their life while battling for our nations freedoms, we are so very sorry, may our prayers be with you.  We appreciate you, support and will always be grateful for the sacrifices of your loved one(s).  

May we honor our country, standing proud and tall for The Red, White and Blue!  

May always remember those who have served or are serving when we see our American Flag waving in the wind and may America always be “One Nation Under God”.

-Tonya Steele

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