A Young Woman's Reflection on The Women's Marches taking place in today's society.


International Women’s Day and The Women’s March are ongoing movements by peaceful organizations committed to equality, diversity, inclusion and the ideals human rights are just that, human rights with no exclusions.

International Women’s Day was organized in the early 1900’s and The Women’s March movement was formed following Donald Trump being elected President of The United States in November 2016.  Both movements champion for the rights, not only of women, but every race, religion, gender and equality.

On January 21, 2017 the worldwide march had approximately 500,000 participants march in Washington D.C and near to my hometown, 16,000 in Nashville, Tennessee.  Marches took place in all 50 states making it the biggest peaceful protest in United States history. It did not stop there though,  marches were held in every continent, including Antarctica, thanks to a group of scientist.  The mission of The Women’s March and marches hosted by by similar movements or organizations is not to spread hate; it is quite the opposite. They are held for love, peace, and unity.

During this past November 2016 election, many felt insulted, degraded by the face of our nation. The January march was the first of many marches to be held to bring unity, giving people a voice to peacefully express themselves while standing for their causes. The Women’s March was held to recognize that our differences do not mean we are the broken ones, and we will stand not separate, but together.

Women’s marches are not a cry for help, but a shout for justice for all of our brothers and sisters who may be negatively affected by Trump’s America.

The January march, as well as the ones taking place today, on International Woman’s Day, give outcasts hope they do belong, are loved and we the people will stand for their rights, taking on their causes, as well as our own and we will fight for them.

Where do we go next, what are the next steps in making our causes heard? The Women’s March formed ten actions for followers to actively participate within the 100 days following the January march.   The first action was writing a post card to representatives.  They are asking participants to write post cards expressing their concerns to their State senators, while voicing their causes and how they plan to continue to stand for their causes in the months that lie ahead.  International Women’s Day was also promoted by The Women’s March as one of the ten actions to actively participate.  Instructions, additional information on The Women’s Marches and actions can be found on their website at

This is not the only way to be an active marcher. They also ask individuals to get involved with their own causes like planned parenthood, women’s rights, gay rights, black rights, Muslim rights, etc. by checking current events in local communities to see what is already being hosted or scheduled and participate.  This way individuals can begin to get involved with other fellow marchers while getting to know one another, peacefully organizing to stay active and persistent in the fight for equality.

The Women’s March website also allows interested individuals to sign up for emails. These emails are sent out to fellow marchers to keep them up-to-date and to stay tuned as each of the 10 actions are, or have been, revealed.

The biggest issue facing people today is assuming personal human rights issues are not as important as the next persons. The time for singular stances is gone.   Group efforts are needed to implement the change wanted by many Americans.

America is not one specific color, it is not one specific religion, it is not one specific belief system. America is a nation formed on immigration. A nation formed for the wellbeing of its people.

We the people are not one, but many. When allowing differences to route our actions, we will fail. If we use those differences to unite as a nation, what we can do as a people is remarkable.

Posters made for the January 21, 2017 March. -Photo courtesy of Francesca Prada

America is known for our fight of the injustice but what is to be done when that very hate is within our own nation? The people are strong when they believe they are strong. Our votes, our words, our opinions are meaningful. The government works for the people, not the other way around and as a nation, organization or individual, if we want change the time to demand it is now.

Overall, no matter personal opinions on the marches that took place in January, today on International Women’s Day or future marches, everyone can still show kindness by simply taking time to ask a stranger how their day is, opening a door for someone or give a smile to someone across the room. Be genuine be pure.

When we put aside our differences we often find we have a lot more in common than we thought. Our love for one another is stronger than our hate, so let’s show it, especially today on International Women’s Day, but don’t stop there, continue to show love each and every day.

The message of women’s marches is pure and the marches are to promote love, the love of our nation and love for all our brothers and sisters around the world.  Women, including myself, have marched for the right of all Americans so our voices will be heard and it comes not from a place of hate, but a place of desperate love for our nation, this world, and all of its people.

Learn more about The Women’s March Organization at  or International Women’s Day at

Francesca Prada/Cheatham News (c) 2017