Teen Driver Safety Week

October 16-22, 2016


The Tennessee Governor’s Highway Safety Office partners with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to raise awareness that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 15-19 years old. State agencies are encouraging parents and caregivers to get involved.

SRO Chris Gilmore reported all three county high schools, Cheatham Central High School, Harpeth High School and Sycamore High School, learned this past week October 16-22, about safe driving during ‘Teen Driver Safety Week’.

Safe driving
Keys to a car is a privilege

Governor’s Highway Safety Office with local school districts and parental involvement are making strides in communicating safe teen driving practices but are asking parents to continue reinforcing or begin enforcing safe driving at home, discussing rules of the road, before handing just handing over the keys.

Many parents are unaware Tennessee implemented “The Graduate Driver License Law” educating and encouraging teens to be safe drivers, develop their driving skills, educating students driving is a privilege and to take the privilege seriously by making safe driving choices.

Terrence Love, Tennessee Department of Health Injury Prevention Manager, reports on The Tennessee Governor’s Highway Safety site, “The GDL (Graduate Driver License Law) ‘graduated’ steps such as: limiting teen passengers, limiting driving hours at night, supervised practice driving, seat belt use, and eliminating distracted driving are GDL legal requirements that parents can use as tools to reduce teen crashes and fatalities. Our department is committed to working with parents, students, and law enforcement to increase GDL awareness and compliance.”

Take time this week to discuss safe driving with your teens and for more information regarding how to discuss safe driving with teens visit www.safecar.gov/parents, www.tn.gov or speak with local SROs or law enforcement offices.

-Tonya Steele