Sergeant Michael Foust Named 2016 Deputy Of The Year



Cheatham County Sergeant Michael Foust was recognized as 2016 Deputy of the Year on Friday, December 16, during the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office second annual Christmas gathering.

On Monday, December 19, Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove expressed his appreciation for Foust and deputies during the Cheatham County Commission meeting. He shared reasons for Foust being chosen and recognized for the 2016 award.

Cheatham County Sheriff's Department
Sergeant Michael Foust – 2016 Deputy of the Year is pictured to the right of Sheriff Mike Breedlove (pictured center) Deputy Paul Ivey awarded the 2016 Lifesaving Award is pictured to the far left.  -Photo used with permission from Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove

Breedlove recounted the day Foust responded to a call to pursue an armed robbery suspect, a criminal with several charges. First to arrive on the scene, attempting to arrest the suspect he was brutally attacked by the assailant. According to Breeedlove, Foust’s training, quick response and back up from fellow deputies, they were able to apprehend the suspect, who intended on murdering the sergeant.

sergeant Foust prevented a man from committing suicide by jumping from the ledge of Cumberland bridge. 

Breedlove shared the story of Foust preventing a man from committing suicide.  When Foust arrived on the scene at the bridge the man was about to end his life.   The man resisted the sergeant’s help and prepared to plunge from the ledge.  Acting swiftly, Foust reached out and grabbed the man, nearly getting pulled into the river with the man. Deputy Chapman was quick to help Foust pull the man to safety, keeping him from committing suicide.

Deputy Paul Ivey was recognized and awarded the Lifesaving Award for 2016. He diligently fought to save the life of a stranger, 35-year old Robert Perry.

Ivey Arrived at the scene to find a stranger  unresponsive, barely breathing with only a slight pulse.

He quickly began life-saving techniques, refusing to give up, he saved Perry’s life. Ivey’s peers nominated and selected him to receive the Lifesaving Award for 2016.

Breedlove stated each deputy was deserving of the awards. He explained the incidents described were only a fraction of what the county’s law enforcement officer will potentially face on a daily basis.

Many law enforcement officers across the nation leave home each day wondering “Will I come home tonight?”

The national Increase of assaults and attacks on law enforcement officers hasn’t kept officer’s from Cheatham County from upholding their commitment to serve and protect though.  They bravely and unselfishly put their lives at risk each day to save a child, parents, family members, friends and strangers, along with their fellow officers responding to protect and serve across the nation.

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Cheatham News congratulates Sergeant Foust on being named 2016 Deputy of the Year and Deputy Paul Ivey for his 2016 Lifesaving Award.

-Tonya Steele