Ladies and gentlemen, y’all never believe, Pleasant View will celebrate 20 years in October with a Birthday Bash along Main Street.  It’ll begin Saturday morning, October 22, at 8:00 a.m.  Everyone is invited to come on out, have a cup of coffee, enjoy some pancakes or hotcakes, whatever ya call them, visiting with local residents who are sure to be sharing a tale or two.

Storytellers will be along Main Street sharing a tad bit of history of the homes and buildings that’ve been here long before many of us.   Questions from days past will be answered about who once owned the property, what was established and how it’s changed throughout the years.

Don’t give no never mind to the men chewing tobacco and interjecting now and then with a “that’s not how it was…let me tell ya’ how it really went”, take it with a grain of salt and know the truth is somewhere within the shared tales.

We all know a Birthday Bash can’t be celebrated appropriately without cake and ice cream so it will be served at 12:00 p.m. on the porch of The Livery Stables.   Rumor has it the ice cream will be homemade by locals competing for the best homemade ice cream.  Of course, it wouldn’t be right to have the ice cream made in one of today’s new fangled ice cream makers, so it’s been decided those competing will have to churn the in ice cream in ice cream makers not often seen, much less used, in today’s fast pace world.

Birthday’s are to be celebrated with friends, new and old, sharing stories, some told a thousand times, with the exception of tidbits of exaggerations or possibly lapsed memories, but stories just the same to be enjoyed for many more years, hopefully generations to follow.

When you tire of the tales or when two ole timers begin debating the stories, because so and so remembers it this way while so and so says it isn’t so, you know in the South it’s sure to happen, there will be plenty more to do.  Keep the little pints busy with balloons and a petting zoo and take time to say hello to the craft vendors selling their goods, who knows you might find something “you just can’t live without”!

Please remember your manners, as we’re all taught here in the South, to say “thank you” to those who worked their britches off to get this shindig together!  This would include Becky Shelton with Cheatham County Kids, Town of Pleasant View City Officials…after all we wouldn’t be having a Birthday Bash if we didn’t have a city…our city’s own local Southern Belle showing us all up with her never ending southern politeness and hospitality Kelly Ellis, owner of the historical Livery Stables.  Also remember Pleasant View’s infamous firemen and policemen working to keep the streets clear on this day so we can lolly gag and gossip, as all southerns do, even if we deny it happens.

Mark your calendars, come on out and make history, this is the first time this hoopla has happened around these parts.

I reckon Main Street will still be here in another twenty-years but ya’ never quite know, from the gossip I hear it depends on who’s elected and who is willing “to throw the land away to no good businesses just wanting the farmers money”, it’s true, I’m not gossiping, I’ve heard come straight from the horse’s mouth, if ya’ know what I mean.

Ladies pull out the bonnets if you like, and men, well just keep wearing those overalls that never seem to go out of style and enjoy one of the last days of summer enjoying this town we call home.

You better bet I’ll be there, wearing my pearls, because all southern women know, pearls go with everything, greeting all I see with a “hey y’all” and a hug.

Interested in reading my original article about the October Birthday Bash?  It’s not quite as southernly written, but still just as good!  It can be found in the August 26, 2016 issue of the I-24 Exchange Newspaper at

-Tonya Steele

VIATonya Steele
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