News Channel 2 Andy Cordan, met with members of various surrounding special ops units to view the front lines of the war on opioid drug abuse. Lieutenant Shannon Helflin, 22 year veteran leads Cheatham County’s Drug Unit.  Lt. Heflin spoke with Cordan about the increased criminal activity related to opioid abuse and addiction in Cheatham County.

“Now a days, it’s safe to say 99 percent of it is drug-related,” Heflin explained to Channel 2 News Andy Cordan.

Job loss or inability to maintain a job is common among individuals suffering from addiction. Opioid addiction is expensive, costing hundreds of dollars daily to maintain the habit of taking three to four pain pills.  In desperation to fund the costly habit individuals will often resort to criminal activity. Burglarizing homes for valuables to sell for quick cash, such as guns, jewelry and electronics is a common occurrence related to abuse of drugs.

Addiction to pain medications, particularly opioids, has become a national epidemic. According to National Institute of Drug Abuse the number of unintentional deaths from prescription pain-killers has quadrupled, outnumbering deaths related to heroine and cocaine combined.  

Researchers with the National Institute of Drug Abuse have theorized opioid drug abuse paves the way to heroin addiction.

“Once you start using heroin, it’s got you,” Lt. Heflin added in the interview with Channel 2 News. http://wkrn.com/2017/02/02/majority-of-cheatham-county-crime-stems-from-drug-addictions/

Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department is striving to bring awareness to the vast amount of drug abuse, addiction and crime related activities in Cheatham County.  Sheriff Mike Breedlove and his team’s goal is to get drugs off the streets and out of Cheatham County homes reducing abuse, addiction and crime.