Tuesday, December 6, 2016, the International Olympic Committee officially had the Olympics recognize Cheerleading as a sport!  The olympic committee recognized the competitiveness, training, athleticism and popularity the sport has gained in the eyes of the youth.  According to Kit McDonnell, Sports Director of IOC, the cheerleading federation is comprised of approximately 4.5 million registered competitors and over 100 national federations.  http://nypost.com/2016/12/08/finally-cheerleading-gets-some-respect-from-the-olympics/

“It is a sport with growing popularity, a strong youth focus in schools and universities and we noted that,” stated Kit mcdonnell, sports director of international olympic committee. 

Recognition by International Olympic Committee means the governing body of International Cheer Union will receive approximately $25,000 dollars for three years from IOC funding, eligibility for additional funded development programs and grants.  The provisional recognition by the IOC is the same protocol all olympic games participating organizations must adhere before being allowed to compete.  The IOC Executive Board can recommend full recognition of the cheerleading federation’s petition to compete in olympic games, at any time over the next three years, once IOC requirements are met.   http://www.foxnews.com/health/2016/12/09/cheerleading-muay-thai-get-provisional-ioc-recognition.html

Thai kick boxing and cheerleading join 35 organizations on the federations list.

Approximately 16 sport bodies applied for olympic recognition; Thai Kick Boxing and Cheerleading were chosen, joining 35 organizations on the recognized federations list.

The recent milestone for cheerleaders will put the age old debate to rest, answering the question, should cheerleading be considered a sport?

“Don’t think cheerleading is a sport…meet me on the mat!” -Pinterest


Cheerleaders are quick to argue their past time is a sport, telling anyone who will listen, ‘it’s harder than it looks’, challenging the best of athletes to give cheerleading a try! Thanks to the IOC, the question has been answered, cheerleaders are recognized as athletes and cheerleading IS a sport awaiting the opportunity to bring home the infamous Olympic Gold Medal!

-Tonya Steele

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