National Siblings Day 2017
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National Siblings Day, known also as Siblings Day, is a nationally recognized day to honor brothers and sisters observed on the 10th day of April each year.

In honor of the day call your brother(s) and/or sister(s), have lunch or dinner together (if you live near one another), send a special text, email or recognize them on your social media pages.

Parents of younger children can talk with them about the importance of family over dinner ice cream, during a family walk and/or activity.

However you choose to honor the day let your brother(s) and/or sisters(s) know they are important and you are thinking of them on this special day.


In 1995 a native New Yorker, Claudia Evart, lost two siblings, each in separate accidents early in life and knew first hand the importance of siblings as well as the void losing them can leave in one’s life.

To recognize and honor siblings she created a tax exempt organization known as (SDF) Siblings Day Foundation.  She later obtained proclamation approval for nation recognition of National Siblings Day.   The 10th day of April was chosen in honor of her sister’s birthday.

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