Cheatham County Historical and Genealogical Association Spring Social Meeting April 13, 2017

Public Notice Contributed by Cheatham County Historical and Genealogical Association.

The Cheatham County Diggers will give a presentation on The Old Link School Site during the Cheatham County Historical and Genealogical Association’s Annual Spring Social Meeting.  Plan to attend on April 13, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. Cheatham County Public Library in Cheatham County, Ashland City, Tennessee.   

Digging History, The Old Link School Site– 
Everything has a story and what comes out of the ground tells the story.  Nick Humphrey started detecting in 2008 and it soon became a hobby.  He  established Cheatham County Diggers in 2015 with his young son Robert and in 2016 was joined by his friend Jeff.  
With over 30 digs under his belt, his favorite dig is the old Link School site.  Professor S.A. Link established the Link School in Thomasville, Tennessee around 1900 where students from a three county area were given religious, moral, and strong academic training in a core of subjects such as English, Latin, Greek, History, Geography, Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic and Physiology. This formed the basic organization of the first public high school in Ashland City, Tennessee a few years later.  The pioneer, private school lasted until 1907 when a state funded elementary school was established in Cheatham County, Tennessee until the mid-1940s and later torn down.    
Nick Humphrey states holding the past covered in dirt makes you really appreciate the history of what had taken place on the site.  He is happy to find Cheatham County history, one hole at a time.

Please attend the CCHGA Spring Social and hear about the Link School, digging up history, view the artifacts and enjoy light refreshments April 13, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at the Cheatham County Public Library, 188 County Services Drive, Suite #200,in Ashland City, Tennessee 37015.

For more information or if you have questions, call 615.792.3623 or email [email protected]

Public Notice provided by Lisa Parker with Cheatham County History and Genealogical Association.