Chair and Vice-Chair of the county's Republican Party elected March 18, 2017


Jennifer Hamblin was elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Cheatham County and John LouAllen Vice-Chairman on Saturday, March 18, 2017 during the biennial reorganization meeting.

Hamblin replaces Gary Binkley who served two terms, four years total, as Chairman of the party.  Vice-Chairman John Louallen was elected to fill the party’s vacant seat, Robin Ray retained position as Secretary and Myrla Sprout retained position as Treasurer.

As Chairman, Jennifer Hamblin will serve as the Chief Executive of the Republican Party of Cheatham County and County Executive Committee.  She will be responsible for the management and administration of the affairs of the executive committee, coordinating political activities of the county’s Republican Party, maintaining order of meetings and breaking ties on divided board matters requiring a vote. She will also have the right to approve chairs of the special committee. Vice-Chair John Louallen will perform duties of the chairman in the event of an absence.

Hamblin and Louallen both serve on Cheatham County Board of Education.

Louallen represents school district five and serves as vice-chair of the school board.   Jennifer Hamblin represents Cheatham County School’s third district and was recently elected Tennessee Legislative Network Representative by members of the school board.

The purpose of Republican Party is to assist in the recruitment of potential candidates to represent the Republican Party, campaigning at the national, state and local levels, assist the Tennessee Republican Party and the Republican National Committee. Additionally they promote public awareness on state and local issues as well as recruit members to the local Republican Party Organization.

All Cheatham County Republications are invited to attend monthly held meetings. To learn more about the Cheatham County Republican Party visit their website at or follow on Facebook

Cheatham News congratulates Chair Jennifer Hamblin and Vice-Chair John Louallen on their newly elected roles with the county’s Republican Party.  

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