Jackson Webb seeking Eagle Scout Badge


Local Boy Scout, Jackson Webb is seeking his Eagle Scout Merit Badge.  He volunteered to donate his time and build twelve birdhouses for Pleasant View Community Park.  On Monday, September 26, Webb addressed Pleasant View Parks and Recreation Board during their monthly board meeting at city hall, requesting permission to place the birdhouses in the park.

The birdhouses will be hung in various areas along the walking trail and nature trail of Pleasant View Community Park.

Webb wanted to build houses for the common state mockingbird but they don’t nest often in houses. Instead he chose to build birdhouses for red birds, blue birds and screech owls.

He had recently spoken with Chair Kelly Ellis about the project and sought ideas about the birdhouses.  Ellis wants to add more color in the park which is another reason he chose to build houses for red and blue birds.

To become an Eagle Scout, the highest advanced rank, Webb has to fulfill specific requirements in areas of leadership, outdoor skills and service. To advance ranks within the scout troop he had to earn merit badges and to earn the badges he had to demonstrate proficiency in specific areas before earning advancement.

A total of 21 merit badges had to be earned prior to seeking the Eagle Scout Merit. Amongst the merits badges earned he will have earned badges in first aid, citizenship in the community, nation and world; personal fitness, cooking, emergency preparedness or live saving skills, environmental science or sustainability, personal management; swimming, hiking or cycling; camping and family life.

Jackson Webb
Jackson Webb presents Chair Kelly Ellis of Pleasant View Parks and Recreation Board pictures of the birdhouses.

Webb will achieve this honor with the completion of building and installing the birdhouses at the park.  He anticipates completing the birdhouses and having them properly placed before the end of winter.

Cheatham News congratulates Jackson Webb on his achievements and future accomplishments.

Learn more about the Eagle Scouts, merit badges or requirements by visiting National Eagles Scout Association at www.nesa.org.

-Tonya Steele