Homemade Italian Meatball


There are so many ways to make a good homemade Italian Meatball, and this is a recipe to make a LOT of them and cook them two different ways.

Recipe Ingredients:
3 lb ground beef
1 lb ground pork
1 cup milk
2 cup breadcrumbs or stale bread
2 teaspoons salt
1 half onion diced
2 1/2 tsp garlic
2 cups of freshly grated parmesan cheese
4 tablespoons of fresh parsley
2 teaspoon of pepper
1 tablespoon of Oregano
1 tablespoon of chives   

Optional Ingredients:  Eggplant to peppers (hot or mild) or nearly anything that adds a flavor you enjoy to foods.  Preferably something fresh from your own garden if possible so you have a true homemade Italian meatball.  Also, it is not uncommon to use a bit of olive oil in the recipe if the meatballs are too dry while mixing.

Start by getting a larger bowl than you think you would need (these ingredients really add up and you need room to mix them).  Now combine your meats and half of your milk, mix everything together and then add your breadcrumbs.  Continue hand mixing everything together and add in your other ingredients (yes this is messy, so try to have them in prepared bowls if possible as you will not want to be opening spices while doing this!)

Add the last of the milk and final ingredients and really mix it together well.  These meatballs should be soft and not overly dense.  If they are dry and tightly packed, you should add a little olive oil (up to a 1/4 cup or so) to make sure they are light and moist.


Letting them set for a few hours before cooking is fine, and maybe ideal.  This is where you have two options which impact when you would prepare these meatballs in time for dinner.

The first option is to fix your favorite sauce and put the meatballs directly in the sauce to simmer a few hours.


The other option is to fry them in a pan of Olive oil to get a nice finish on the outsides and firm them up a bit more. Also a good option if anyone in your family is allergic to tomato but still wants to share in meatball mania.

Even if pan fried in olive oil, these meatballs could still be placed in the sauce with spaghetti at the time of serving.  This allows for you to keep your sauce recipe without having the meat fat get into the sauce depending on your preference, but still lets you have a crunchier outer meatball.

Let me know if this homemade Italian meatball recipe works for you, and do not be afraid to experiment with the ingredients.  I change this recipe a little every time I make them myself.