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Construction is underway for Hardee’s at the corner of Highway 49 and Highway 41 near the main intersection in Pleasant View, Tennessee.  The restaurant is estimated to open mid to late summer depending on the weather.

A poker game, hardee’s and .15 Cent Burgers!

Today Hardee’s is a popular franchise fast food chain with thousands of operating restaurants throughout the United States and foreign countries but it may not be where it is today if the founder had not bet shares of the company in a poker game!

In 1960 Wilbur Hardee opened the first restaurant in Greenville, North Carolina.  After a successful year of business he met with James Gardner and Leonard Rawls to discuss opening another location in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

According to Wikipedia Hardee places a large portion of Hardee’s shares up for bet during a poker game with Gardner and Rawls and loses the shares.   Losing control of the company, Wilbur Hardee, founder and namesake, sold the remaining shares to the same men.  They took Hardee’s Food Systems public in 1963.  Three years later Gardner is elected to The United States House of Representatives.  The men sell the franchises to a group of friends and acquaintances who further established the company.

In 1981, Imasco, a Canadian Company, purchased Hardee’s then sold it for $327 million dollars to CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc. in the late 1990’s.   As of March 2016 CKE has Hardee’s restaurants in 44 states, 37 foreign countries and U.S. territories.

Although Hardee’s has grown into a profitable and popular restaurant, consumers paid only .15 cents for a burger at the restaurant in the 1960’s!  Today a burger will cost quite a bit more than it did back then, take a look below!

HARDEE’S 1960’S 2017
HAMBURGER .15 cents $1.45 to $7.00
CHEESEBURGER .20 cents $1.45 to $7.00
FRIES .10 cents $1.65 to $2.15
APPLE TURNOVERS .15 cents $1.05
MILK .12 cents $1.35
COFFEE .10 cents $1.35 to $1.75

   .10 cents    .15 cents

$1.75 and $2.25

                      .20 cents

  • In 1964 Strawberry shakes were created from vanilla and adding berry syrup which had to be mixed with a spindle.  

Today Hardee’s Menu has approximately 20 different burger options, fries, curly fries, onion rings, chicken variations, a breakfast menu, various dessert items, fish sandwiches, salads and Mexican food item options.    

Learn more about Hardee’s, view their nutritional and allergen menu and print coupons at http://www.hardees.com.

Information herein obtained from Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardee’s#cite_note-ourstate-http://www.hardees.comhttps://fastfoodmenuprice.com/hardees-menu-prices.

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