Guidance Counselor Molly Hudgens Recognized As Community Hero

"God blessed me in a mighty way...I'll forever be grateful!" - Molly Hudgens


Sycamore Middle School Guidance Counselor Molly Hudgens was recognized by Cheatham County School District Monday, December 5, 2016, during the Cheatham County School Board Meeting.  Her bravery and efforts in convincing a 14-year old student to give her the loaded weapon he’d brought to school in September, diffusing what could have been another statistical school shooting.  By diffusing the situation, no one was harmed and the gun was never even fired.


Mary Littleton Recognizes Molly Hudgens
Sycamore Middle School Guidance Counselor Molly Hudgens pictured with Tennessee’s 78th District State Representative Mary Littleton Monday, December 5, 2016. -Photo submitted by Tim Adkins, Cheatham County Board of Education

Tennessee’s 78th District State Representative Mary Littleton was present at Monday’s school board meeting to present and honor Hudgens with a Tennessee Official Legislative Resolution. Following the presentations, clapping, everyone in attendance stood honoring Hudgens with a standing ovation.

Hudgens stated she’d received an abundance of letters, thank you notes of support and appreciation from many within the community, from the school district, county departments, and people from surrounding counties. Her appreciation for the support was evident as she spoke at the county school board meeting and she intends to personally thank those who’ve reached out to her, sent letters, notes, emails, etc… of encouragement, support and appreciation but says it may take years to get to everyone.

‘God blessed me in a mighty way to give me the opportunity to help a child in need,” stated Hudgens, “I’ll be forever grateful for what happened that day.”

Hudgens hasn’t only received recognition from her local community for the ability to handle a potentially deadly situation with confidence, professionalism and compassion toward a troubled student, but also nationally and internationally.

Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department Mike Breedlove recently stated in a county commission meeting they’d received calls from international administrators and educators, such as Russia and Japan to name a few, wanting to know how county law enforcement along with Hudgens was able to successful handle the stressful situation.

School Resource Officer Chris Gilmore, deputy with Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department, was on campus when Hudgens was in her office with the student and notified, by text, administrators of the potential threat of a shooting.  The school took the necessary steps to secure the school building to keep students safe within their classrooms.

Sycamore Middle School Principal Lisa Young, SRO Chris Gilmore and Cheatham County Law Enforcement were available, ready to act, if a shot was fired inside Hudgens office.   When she successfully emerged, neither harmed, the student was taken to Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department where he was held until his emergency hearing the following day.  Following the hearing the student was moved to a juvenile detention center in Williamson County where he is getting the help he needs.

September’s potential mass shooting scenario’s rendered results are unprecedented. Hudgen’s training and ability to defuse a student from acting on his or her intentions is rare. Often the shooter fires the weapon, injures or kills fellow students, teachers, law enforcement officers or takes their own life.  Hudgen’s extensive training allowed her to notice the signs a student displays when contemplating injuring, hurting or shooting those he’s angry or upset.  At this time, Hudgens, school administration, county officials and community hopes the student is getting the help he needs to put this incident behind him and have a successful future.

Hudgens was also chosen as this year’s Pleasant View Christmas Parade Grand Marshall which was held on Saturday, December 3, 2016 in Pleasant View, Tennessee!

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-Tonya Steele

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