Graduation – a moment in time bridging today with tomorrow, connecting yesterday to the future.

Tomorrow is high school graduation and today I’m asking myself, “Wasn’t it only yesterday my sweet little girl started kindergarten?”

Looking at the pictures on the shelves and upon the walls of our home I hear the echoes of parents before…

“Don’t blink,” I was told.

“Don’t turn to quickly,” I was advised.

“Hold on as long as you can,” I was reminded.

“Children grow up in a blink of an eye,” I was warned.

There was a time I didn’t understand what they tried telling me but now running my hand over the cap and gown waiting to be worn, I understand.  We have shared thirteen years of school days, memories, moments in time.

Imagining graduation I hear them call her name but I don’t see the high school senior or beautiful young woman.  I envision her walking across the stage but with every step takes I see the tiny newborn placed in my arms, the baby with toothless grins, toddling toddler, little girl with curly red ringlets chasing fireflies then the preteen still wanting to cuddle followed by the young teen girl on the first day of high school.

 I tried to hold on, not to blink or turn to quickly and it still went to fast.

Holding her kindergarten picture I think of all the parents, like myself, that will come together for this moment in time.  We have shared many memories together and tomorrow, with mixed emotions, we will gather once more to celebrate and watch our child retrieve their diploma with pride.

Shortly thereafter graduation caps fly, high school seniors will become high school graduates as a roar of excitement erupts throughout the stadium.  Classmates who have shared a journey, many since the very first day of kindergarten, all bonded by growing up together will have shared one last milestone.

Then the time will come for our graduates to get one last picture, share one last ‘remember when’ memory, one last hug, followed by one last good-bye with promises of staying in touch.

Watching we will feel an all to familiar ache, knowing they want a little more time to hold hold to yesterday, today, but having to let go to embrace tomorrow.

Placing her kindergarten picture back upon the shelf, looking at her senior picture, wiping a tear from the corner of my eye, sad because this part of the journey is over but anxious to see what the future holds for my daughter.  The day will come when she becomes a mom and I, as you and every other parent, will tell them to cherish the time because they grow up in the blink of an eye.

Graduation, a moment in time to remember all the days of yesteryear, cherishing the memories but also a time to rejoice in the moment while looking forward to tomorrow and new beginnings. Whatever awaits my daughter, or your graduate, I hope they remember to enjoy the ride but when they fall to stand, hold their heads high, find joy, leave legacies, appreciate the little things in life, be grateful for moments in time but most of all never lose faith!


Jessica Steele photo by Tonya Steele

Dedicated to my daughter, Sycamore High School Class of 2017 Graduate, Jessica Lynn Steele!





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VIATonya Steele
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