Cheatham County EMS work on two dogs rescued from house fire in Pleasant View, Tennessee on January 23, 2017. -photo courtesy of Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department

PLEASANT VIEW VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT Monday, January 23, 2017 heroically saved two dogs trapped inside the garage of a burning home and with the assistance of Cheatham County Emergency Services, Pleasant View Chief of Police Tad Wheeler and Pleasant View Animal Hospital they are alive and doing well today.

The location of the home that caught fire was in Pleasant Hills Subdivision, located within the city of Pleasant View, Tennessee.  The occupant was in the shower when the fire alarms sounded, notifying her and anyone else home at the time, there was a fire. Occupant(s) quickly and safely removed themselves from the home while calling 911.

Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department respond to 911 call of house fire in Pleasant Hills Subdivision Monday, January 23, 2017.  -photo courtesy of Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department

Pleasant View Fire Department responded to the call and upon arriving immediately noticed heavy smoke escaping through the garage doors of the home. Firefighters asked if everyone was outside and were told they were except two dogs who remained inside.

Firefighters entered the home, knocked down the fire and located the owner’s two trapped dogs hiding in the garage under storage to try and protect themselves from the fire.   Barely breathing when found, firefighters knew there was little time to spare if these dogs were going to survive.  They swiftly lifted the dogs up and carried them outside where Cheatham County Emergency Management Service crew members immediately took over caring for the dogs.

After EMS stabilized the dogs, Pleasant View Police Chief Tad Wheeler transported them to Pleasant View Animal Hospital where they were treated and released.  Although much better, the homeowner stated she planned to take them to a Nashville vet known for specialized care and treatment of their sustained injuries.    

Fire damage sustained to the garage of home in Pleasant Hills Subdivision. -Photo courtesy of Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department

If the fire alarms had not alerted the homeowner and Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department notified and responding so quickly, the dogs most likely would not have survived, occupant’s lives would have been put at greater risk and the home would have sustained greater damage or been lost completely to the fire.  Fortunately working fire alarms helped save the the occupant(s) of the home, their dogs and the house only sustained   moderate fire damage to the garage and light smoke damage throughout the home.  

Pleasant View Fire Department stated they were thankful the home was saved, dogs were better and everyone made it out safely due to working smoke alarms.  

Home Pleasant Hills Subdivision catches fire on January 23, 2017.  Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department responded.  Home sustained moderate damage in the garage and light smoke damage throughout.. -photo courtesy of Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department.

The PVVFD was assisted by the Ashland City Fire Department, Pleasant View Police Department, Cheatham County EMS, and Cheatham County EMA.

Information and photos provided courtesy of Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department.  To learn more about Pleasant View’s local fire department visit or follow on Facebook 



Pleasant View Fire Department received a two year grant for 2015-2016.  The grant offered the fire department a chance to raise more fire prevention awareness while providing installation of free fire alarms throughout the community in homes needing updated alarms or without fire alarms.

During the two year grant program Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department, installed nearly 7,000 fire alarms in homes.  

The grant expired in December of 2016 but Chief P.J. Duncan informed Cheatham News they still have fire alarms available from this grant that can be installed at no cost.  If you or someone you know needs fire alarms, updated fire alarms or someone who is unable to check their alarms and change the batteries due to disabilities or being elderly, the Pleasant View Fire Department has stated they’d be happy to assist, all you have to do is call.  

Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department 

(615) 746-8528


Cheatham News would like to thank Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department, Ashland City Fire Department, Cheatham County Emergency Management Services, Pleasant View Police, Pleasant View Police Chief Tad Wheeler, Cheatham County Emergency Management Association and Pleasant View Animal Hospital for serving our community and making us proud to call Cheatham County home.

-Tonya Steele, Cheatham News Editor-Reporter

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