Mayor David McCullough takes indefinite sick leave.

April 7, 2017 Cheatham County Clerk Teresa Gupton leads Donnie Jordan in Oath of Office to be the Acting Mayor of Cheatham County while Mayor David McCullough is on sick leave.
Photo by Tonya Steele

Cheatham County Commission Chair Donnie Jordan was sworn in as acting Cheatham County Mayor on Friday, April 7, 2017 during an emergency special called meeting held at the Cheatham County Courthouse.

The special called meeting was scheduled after receiving a letter submitted by Mayor David McCullough stating indefinite sick leave was necessary as he continued his battle with cancer.

Acting Mayor Donnie Jordan addressed the commission and public attendees with assurance that David McCullough was still Mayor of Cheatham County and would be so until which time he is able to return or there is a vacancy of office.  Jordan stated McCullough and his family were taken care of and would continue receiving salary compensation with insurance coverage, lessening the burden on the family during this time. Acting Mayor Jordan will not earn a salary as acting mayor but will continue receiving compensation for Cheatham County Commission leader.

Jordan stated he was honored to stand in as the acting mayor of Cheatham County but in light of the current circumstances stated it was a “sad day for the county”.

Cheatham County Commissioner Tim Williamson replaces Donnie Jordan as Chair while Mayor McCullough is on sick leave.
Photo by Tonya Steele

Cheatham County Commission Vice Chair Tim Williamson replaced Donnie Jordan as Chair and Third District Commissioner Dale McCarver was voted in to serve as vice chair.  County Clerk Teresa Gupton administered the Oath of Office for Acting Mayor Donnie Jordan.

The county commission will remain an eleven seat board at this time.  If and when Mayor McCullough is able to return to office, Acting Mayor Jordan will return to chair of commission, Tim Williamson will return to vice chair of the commission and Dale McCarver will resume his position as third district commissioner.

Cheatham County Mayor David McCullough. Photo used with permission from Megan McCullough.

Mayor McCullough continues to battle his second round of cancer.  He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Colon Cancer in 2015.  Following an experimental treatment he remained cancer free for approximately one year until his most recent diagnoses of the return of aggressive cancer.  The McCullough family was told by doctors they weren’t able to treat the cancer at this time.

McCullough has ministered for over 30 years at Cedar Hills Community Church.  He and his family have tremendous faith and haven’t given up on a miracle.  The McCullough family and communities of Cheatham County continue to seek prayers for their beloved mayor, David McCullough.

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  1. Continued prayers for Cheatham County Mayor David McCullough and his family. Congratulations to Acting Mayor Donnie Jordan, Chair of Cheatham County Commission Tim Williamson and Vice Chair Dale McCarver. Cheatham News is confident each of these men will make Mayor McCullough proud in his absence.

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