Director of Schools Dr. Stan Curtis Terminated

Board members will search for a new director of schools.


Cheatham County Director of Schools Dr. Stan Curtis was terminated from his position on Wednesday, October 26, at a ‘Special Called Meeting’ that was held by the Cheatham County School Board.

Chair Kimberly Messer, Vice Chair John Louallen, David Bibee, Jennifer Hamblin, James Gupton and David Risner each voted to immediately terminate Curtis’ contract.

Cheatham County Director of Schools
Dr. Stan Curtis’ was terminated as Director of Schools Wednesday, October 26, 2016

District teachers and administrators are questioning why board members terminated the director.  Many were pleased with the current director and stability they thought he’d brought to the district. Anticipating a new director, potential changes in administration or their positions in the district is now a cause of concern.

Board members prioritized making a decision regarding the directors position after new board members were elected in August.  Curtis’ contract would expire in March of 2017 and they knew in order to conduct a proper search a decision would need to be made on how they wanted to proceed.

Attorney/Client privilege meetings have been held prior to previous workshops and board meetings to discuss Curtis’ contract.  When questioned about board intentions regarding the contract, they were unable to discuss the issue due to attorney/client privilege restrictions.

After Wednesday’s meeting Cheatham News reached out to Chair Kimberly Messer for a statement regarding the reasons Curtis’ contract was immediately terminated but as of Thursday afternoon an explanation had not been given.  It’s possible they could still be restricted by client/attorney restrictions.

Cheatham News will update when it is made public the reason why board members unanimously voted to terminate Dr. Stan Curtis’ contract approximately five months before the expiration of his contract with the district.

Cheatham County Schools Director Search
K-12 Supervisor Stacy Brinkley

Cheatham County School District’s K-12 Supervisor Stacy Brinkley will serve as interim director until a new director of schools is hired.

Stay tuned for updates…

Tonya Steele