Staying Aware in Cheatham County


Precinct based undercover detectives in Metro-Davidson County charge 90 this past week with primarily drugs and prostitution in Nashville communities.   Staying informed about Cheatham County’s neighboring communities promotes awareness. Cheatham News received the following release:


Undercover detectives charge several individuals with drugs and prostitution in Nashville, Tennessee investigations.

Investigations in various neighborhoods resulted in 90 individuals being charged primarily with drugs and prostitution offenses in Nashville.             

Midtown Hills Precinct detectives charged 15 people on Nolensville Pike, Harding Place, Wedgewood Avenue, Trousdale Lane, High Street, and Patterson Street.  Detectives seized 17 grams of marijuana, one pill, a small amount of cocaine, and .5 gram of heroin.

South Precinct detectives charged 9 people on Murfreesboro Pike, Parris Avenue, Shasta Drive, Harding Pike, Humber Drive, and Fesslers Lane.  Detectives seized .1 gram of cocaine and 12 grams of marijuana.

Hermitage Precinct detectives charged 14 people on Andrew Jackson Parkway, Old Hickory Boulevard, Stewarts Ferry Pike, and Bell Road.  Detectives seized .3 grams of cocaine, 5.5 grams of marijuana, and one gram of heroin.

West Precinct detectives charged 7 people on Charlotte Pike, Morrow Road, 60th Avenue North, and White Bridge Road. Detectives seized 4.3 grams of marijuana and one pill.

North Precinct detectives charged 10 people on Clarksville Pike, Hamilton Avenue, Ashland City Highway, Trinity Lane, and Brick Church Pike. Detectives seized 64 grams of marijuana, eight grams of cocaine, 275 pills, two guns, two vehicles, and $2,489 cash.

Madison Precinct detectives charged 12 people on Roosevelt Avenue, Brickdale Lane, Ewing Lane, and Northbrook Drive.  Detectives seized $464 cash.

East Precinct detectives charged 13 people on Dickerson Pike, Trinity Lane, McChesney Avenue, and Gallatin Pike.  Detectives seized 107 grams of heroin, 92 grams of marijuana, 13.7 grams of cocaine, three guns, one vehicle, and $2,375 cash.

Central Precinct detectives charged 10 people on Drexel Street, Interstate Drive, Lafayette Street, Middleton Street, and 8th Avenue South.  Detectives seized 45.5 grams of marijuana, one gram of cocaine, and .5 gram of heroin.

Citizens suspecting drugs and prostitution in Nashville neighborhoods are urged to call the police department’s 244-DOPE hotline. Callers to the hotline can remain anonymous. Citizens of Cheatham County suspecting drugs or prostitution can call Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department main line at (615) 792-4341.  For additional Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department contact information visit

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-Tonya Steele