Amber Locke, Director of Administration for the office of Cheatham County Mayor, has decided to submit an application to the Legislative body to complete Mayor David McCullough’s term as mayor.

The Cheatham County Commission has approximately 120 days to fill the seat of mayor from the time of vacancy.  Commissioners will review applications, interview and will vote during a public meeting on candidates most qualified and suited to complete the term. There is still a little over a year of the term limit remaining.

Currently, former Chair of the commission Donnie Jordan is serving as interim mayor, it is unknown by Cheatham News at this time if Jordan or any other persons of interest will be pursuing the position.

Provided below is a letter by Amber Locke addressing Cheatham County citizens seeking support in continuing Mayor David McCullough’s term as mayor.

Dear Cheatham County Citizens,

After prayerful consideration and discussion with the McCulloughs and my family, I will be submitting an application to the Legislative body to finish the term of Mayor David McCullough. I want to take this opportunity to share with you why I am choosing to apply.

First, I’ve had the privilege of serving with Mayor David McCullough for the last 6.5 years. Within the very first year of his first term, he made the decision to change my position from a secretarial position to Director of Administration. He realized the importance of having someone in place who could be the liaison between the Mayor’s office and elected officials, in-house staff, and citizens. The position included the tasks of gathering information, analyzing solutions, implementing them where possible, and corresponding with the Mayor regarding all issues addressed.

Little did we know the importance of what he formally put in place back in 2013. As Mayor McCullough began his battle with cancer, it was not physically possible for him to be in all the places normally attended by the position. As a result, Mayor McCullough chose me to represent the Mayor’s office and Cheatham County in various arenas… in many meetings, workshops, and other situations. Mayor McCullough was involved in every decision, event, and situation that arose, and he trained me well in order to keep the continuity of his administration. He entrusted me with his vision for Cheatham County.

After the loss of Mayor McCullough, his family asked me to consider completing his term so that his vision, the vision you elected him to implement, could be fulfilled. At the end of this term, you the citizens will then decide through a fair election who your next mayor will be.


Amber Locke


The letter addressed herein to Cheatham County Citizens was used with permission of Amber Locke and cannot be copied, distributed, changed or published without the author’s permission, doing so may violate copyright laws.

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