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Cheatham News wants your business to continue succeeding by providing a beneficial advertisement avenue through our online customer outreach at a cost below local competitors rates.  

Reviewing local advertisements the majority lacked pertinent contact information for customers convenience. If it isn’t convenient to the customer there’s a chance you’re losing business!

Cheatham News wants to help you optimize your advertisement by taking the time to review your artwork, content and provide you optimal advertising advice before posting your advertisement online to customers!

Cheatham News is here to help you at an affordable rate.  Why?  Because success isn’t just about the bottom line, it’s about the quality of business provided and that starts with quality advertising!  

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Advertising with Cheatham News will benefit your company, not only in your budget, as our prices are significantly below competitors but by advertising your business online your contact information will be only a click away, easily available and accessible at Cheatham

cheatham news offers several options and will personally work with you to make sure your adVertisement is top notch!

Wide Rectangle Banner Example

Wide Rectangle Advertisement $75.00 per week – way below competitor’s prices on a weekly or monthly basis.  

Square banner

Square Banner Advertisement Example $50.00 a week; $200.00 in a 4 week month!

Traditional news sources often charge for a weekly advertisement (or more) what Cheatham News charges for monthly advertising!

Cheatham news offers many affordable options as advertised above (Red Box) because we know how important advertising can be to your company!

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